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Issue 21 - October 2013

The last issue literally flew out of our server to all points of the globe. Feedback was good, City results are starting to go in the right direction, so here goes with another almost all new issue. The Editor Speaks. Enjoy the game.

In case you're wondering, Ricky Sbragia, Malcolm Huntington and Brian Houghton bought every issue of the paper version in the 1990s. Ricky gave me a 1 every time and said keep the change for the next issue; next issue another pound. Both MH and DC often passed a complimentary comment along the lines of keep up the good work.

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Censored amid a flurry of ums and ers, it was banned in 1993, but now we report on the honeymoon of Paul Barnes Congrats to Alastair Smith who regained his YCS quiz crown in 2013. Try it youself
Following our look at the 73/4 promotion season in the last issue, see how we managed in our first season in what is now The Championship Our friends from Lincolnshire look back at the footballing career of John Ward one of our more successsful managers
Reprised 1973/4 Reaad the latest exploits of former branch member Nick Jackson and son Jake as they feature in Blood + Chocolate the latest production from Pilot Theatre
Talking about successful managers, a look back at Gary Mills and his time with City With the big boys once again proposing B-Teams we take a look at the issue and come up with 3 possible solutions to a problem they brought on themselves
Andy Naylor - Who were City playing when you first saw them? Check out his stats for this and many more amazing City stats. Recent updates include a list of all time City scorers and an analysis by first name. Free to download City match stats thanks to Peter Beasley. Free to download
See how Ray and Dot are getting on in their bid to drink all the York pubs in Britain dry Check out the Red and Blue NET City supporters site
Dot's Programme Page City On TV 120+ clips of City on TV and internet going back to 1938.
Billy Plutch Read the latest mutterings, funnies and anecdotes from our local friendly half wit Branch Membership
A host of City related further reading. All from our extensive YCS archive; Some serious, some light hearted. All essential City In Print An updated look at some of the many books that have featured City, including an expanded fanzine section

NEXT ISSUE: Its coming some time. Maybe.

  • Transfer Deadline Day Rumours
  • Match To Remember: York 0 Rochdale 0
  • Michael Clark
  • City Quiz (you're on another promise)
  • Band Of The Week (The Illuminations)
  • And much more

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