New Frontiers

Issue 19 - October 2010

The last issue literally flew out of our hands, you couldn’t get enough. Once more we are back. Proceed With Caution - The Editor Speaks. Enjoy the game.

Martin & Mandy Everyday tales of an old married couple who have been married far too long Bend The Rules
Re-live City's 1955 FA Cup exploits featuring Arthur Bottom, Norman Wilkinson and the rest of the crew. Watch Pathe News and British Movietone footage of 6 games. As a bonus, watch City's 1938 FA Cup game in front of Bootham Crescent's all time record attendance of 28,123. Now Martin's Gone Martin Foyle - A Brief Appreciation
Billy Plutch Read the latest mutterings from our friendly half wit. Try Nadine’s cool spreadsheet. Yes, really, find out the characteristics and personality traits of every City player, or anyone else. Just type in their birth date.
Arthur Bottom at 80 City History - A heap of stuff worth a second look, including City kit, managers, keeper records etc
China Rising A reprise of China in 1994 one of the more popular articles in the original new frontiers Soho, Godfathers, Dolls & Lurkers A chance to meet up with a City supporter who last saw us play over 15 years ago.
Football And Beyond Billy Plutch Read the latest mutterings from our friendly half wit.
Powerpupsbooks Try saying that 3 times quickly, something for the youngsters and animal lovers amongst us. Soho, Godfathers, Dolls & Lurkers Plus a chance to meet up with a City supporter who last saw us play over 15 years ago.
2010 World Cup Final Thoughts. Do we need 32 teams representing all points of the globe? Monks Cross The Reality?
Wembley Play Off Final A ?50k Grand Day Out Martin Foyle The Man
YCS member Stewart McCartney launches his new book, Popular Errors Explained on October 20 2010. Dot's Programme Page
Check out the Red and Blue NET City supporters site ... we did and came up with City Hangman

NEXT ISSUE: Late 2010 featuring:

  • Transfer Deadline Day Rumours
  • Match To Remember: York 0 Rochdale 0
  • Michael Clark
  • The New Manager
  • Nadine's Cool Spreadsheet (promise)
  • City Quiz (you're on another promise)
  • Band Of The Week (The Illuminations)
  • And much more

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