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Issue 20 - January 2013

Once more we are back. The last issue literally flew out of our hands, this time we have a bigger server to meet all the pent up demand for this issue. The Editor Speaks. Enjoy the game.

Back issues New Frontiers - 1990s

Financial Fair Play? What does it mean for City? City On TV Re-live our Top 50 TV moments dating all the way back to 1938, plus a couple of howlers to balance things up.
Gary Says / Sophie Says. Meet Gary Mills York City South did, read what he's got to say. At the same time, other City figures have their say. Promotion 74 How did a City side that avoided relegation on goal difference one season manage to stroll to promotion the next?
Billy Plutch Read the latest mutterings from our friendly half wit. Our Worst XI Do you agree?
Check out our Top City 450 all time player list Babes In Arms Those that were still in nappies when they made their City debuts
The Nightingales - Heroes Return? 2011/2 accounts Football League Salvation?
Football And Beyond Room for all. Wembley 2010 The last word plus an update from 2012
Tom Robinson bands 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 62. Still going strong Frozen Off. Winter Of 62/3 Cup tie postponed 9 times, no games for 11 weeks
Branch Membership Dot's Programme Page
Check out the Red and Blue NET City supporters site A bit of a cheat but worth it, re-visit Keeping For City: From Farmery To Kiely a series that ran in new frontiers in the 1990s and has been updated with further chapters

NEXT ISSUE: Its coming sometime maybe

  • Transfer Deadline Day Rumours
  • Match To Remember: York 0 Rochdale 0
  • Michael Clark
  • City Quiz (you're on another promise)
  • Band Of The Week (The Illuminations)
  • And much more

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Back issues New Frontiers - 1990 something


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