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Here we pull together much City history. Please email your webmaster if there is more you want here or if you have something you'd like to share. To get back here, just press the <Back> button.

ABROAD, City Abroad
ACCOUNTS, City Accounts 2018 UPDATE
Adams, Richard
Aimson, Paul
Australian Branch
Banton, Dale
Barnes, Paul
Barnes, Paul (honeymoon)
Bassett, Nick (2009)
Bassett, Nick (Feb 2011)
Batchelor, 2002 (March) Interview
Batchelor, 2002 (Nov) Q&A
Batchelor, ITV Digital et al
Batchelor, The Man. The Ideas
Beck, Steve (An Appreciation)
Bluffers Guide (WSC)
BOOKS, City Books
Bottom, Arthur
Bottom, Arthur At 80
Bottom, Arthur - 1955 Semi Final
Brass, Chris (own goal)
Brodie, Richard
Brodie, Richard: Angel Of The North
Brown, "Sailor" Sam
Busby, Viv
Canham, Tony
Chuitar 2017 - Wembley Paradise
Chuitar 2016 - Faded York City
Chuitar 2013 - Goodbye Gary Mills
Chuitar 2012 - Last Christmas
Chuitar 2012 - Moke Plea
Chuitar 2012 - York In Motion
Chuitar 2012 - State Of Mind
Chuitar 2012 - State of Mind
Chuitar 2010
Chuitar 2009
Collins, Sam
CONTRACTS, Players & Appearances UPDATED
Craig, The First 10 Years UPDATED
Craig, Chairman's Threat
Craig, Sells City
Craig, Batchelor Buys
Craig, 100 Owners
Crawford, Graeme
Darlington - City Reserves
Dunmore, David
Fees, Transfer Fees (plus Richard Cresswell feature) NEW
Fenton, Billy
Financial Fair Play
Finland, City In
YCFC - FL-125 Results
Foyle, Martin (Career)
Foyle, Martin (Interview)
Gabbiadini, Marco
Goodearl, Dot
Gotta Getaway - Players
Gray, Martin
Hall Of Fame
Harry, Debbie
Heald, Greg (Plutch, see 5 July 2005)
Here We Go (Song)
Hilton, Paris
Hilton, Paul
Himsworth, Gary
Hulme, Joe
Huntington, Malcolm
Hood, Derek
Interviews: City Managers (Foyle, Mills, Wilcox, Worthington)
Interviews: City Players (Banton, Barnes, Crawford, Jones) UPDATED
Interviews: City Board, Officals & Commentators(Adams, Bassett, Beck, Champion, Easby, McGill (S))
Ingham, Michael
Johnston, Tom
Jones, Chris
Keane, Roy
Keepers, A History of City's Keepers
Kempster, Tony
Kiely, Dean - Looking After #1
KIT, City Kit Thru The Ages
Lally, Pat
Larsson, Roy Kenneth
Leaning, Andy
Little, Alan
London Calling - Travel Details
London Grounds, City At
Longhurst, David
Longhurst, David (Lincoln tribute)
MacDougall, Ted
Mascot For A Day
McEwan, Billy
McEwan, Billy; An Appraisal
McEwan, Billy; Dream Team
McNamara, Jackie (profile)
McNamara, Jackie (YCFC)
Mills, Gary (City Career)
Mills, Gary - Chuitar
Mowbray, Guy
Naughty Boys UPDATED
Naylor, Andy's City Stats
Newport 1970
News Archive
North Riding Senior Cup
Oh What A Shambles
Open Day 2008
Photos, Team (Colorsport)
Photos, Team (Teamshots)
Photos, Individual
Player Of The Year (Clubman) - The History
Player Of The Year (YCFC) - The Winners
Player Of The Year Awards (YCS) - The History
Player Of The Year (YCS) - Previous Winners
Player Of The Year Awards (YCS) - 2019
Player Database (Neil Brown)
Player Profiles
Players, Young Players & Scorers
Players, A-Z, 1922 to date
Potter, Graham
Programmes, City Programmes
RECORDS, City Records
(City's) Reserve & Youth Sides NEW
Results, 1929 to date
ROAR Shippo Roars
ROBSON, Sir Bobby
ROSS, Tommy
Sanderson, Colin
Saxton, Booby
Shaw, Joe
Smith, Denis
Stockdale, David
Storey, Sid
Support City UPDATED
Testimonial Games and Benefits
Travel Details
TV, City's TV Appearances
United Nations
Usher, Keith (See News 19 March 2005)
Vice Presidents UPDATED
Walker, Colin
Ward, John
Walwyn's Wembley Triumph
Williams, Darren - No Regrets?
Wilkinson, Norman
Worthington, Nigel (Appraisal)
York City Supporters Trust
York Nomad Society
(Ray & Dot's) York Pubs
1954/5 Review
1954/5 City Cup Run Videos
1963 Frozen Winter
1970/1 Review
1973/4 Review
1973/4 Where Are They Now
1974/5 Review
1983/4 Review UPDATED
1984/5 Part 3
1984/5 Part 4
1985&6 FA Cup v Liverpool
1993 Wembley
1994-2002 SOTF
1995 MU 0 YC 3 (1)
1995 MU 0 YC 3 (2)
1999/2000 WSC Preview
1999/2000 By Teletext
2000/1 WSC Preview
2000/1 By Teletext
2001/2 WSC Preview
2001/2 By Teletext
2002/3 WSC Preview
2002/3 By Teletext
2003/4 WSC Preview
2003/4 By Teletext
2003/4 Review
2003/4 Review, Magic Spongers
2004/5 Review
2006 Financial Woe
2006 JMP Assume Control
2006/7 Review and Play Off Angst
2007/8 Review
2008/9 Review
2009/10 Stoke v City (FAC3)
2009/10 Stoke v City: Victory Or Cash?
2009/10 Review
2010/1 Review
2011/2 Results and Review
2012/3 Results and Review
2013 Advent Calendar
2013/4 Results and Review
2014/5 Results and 2014/5 Review
2015/6 The Price Of Football
2015/6 Results and 2015/6 Review
2016/7 Results and 2016/7 Review
2017/8 Results and 2017/8 Review
2018/9 Fixtures, 2018/9 Preview and 2018/9 Review NEW

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