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Right Now, Write Back

Dear New Frontiers,

Please put me down for a new subscription to New Frontiers. Thanks for keeping it down to the old rate! I enclose a cheque for 3. City really do need a fanzine, what with the demise of Terrace Talk and In The City. I'd like to contribute an article but finding the time is a problem.

Living in West Yorkshire, I see most of City's home games and quite a few away ones. I keep in touch through my dad who lives in York and The Yorkshire Evening Press which he saves for me. And of course, New Frontiers.

I think The YEP coverage is very good, Malcolm Huntington is generally a club PR man, not a journalist and Kelly's writing is so full of awful metaphors and puns that you don't actually learn much.

I've been pleasantly surprised how well City have done this season, they're definitely playing better than last season and deserve at least a mid table position. I hope Alan Little gets them playing to feet (like he says he wants) rather than putting up long balls for the forwards to chase (which they still do a bit too often). It would be a pity if Steve Cooper's presence meant a lot of high balls. He is brilliant in the air, but he doesn't score many, and City would be much more entertaining and successful if they vary it more. Still, they're doing well, six away wins and have played some cracking stuff. There was one move in the Brentford home match where they took the ball from their own penalty area to the other in a sweeping move that ended with a saved header. It was perhaps one of the best moves I've ever seen a City side put together.

Do you know if it is possible to get hold of video footage of, for example, the '55 Cup run, or the Cup runs in the mid '80s. If you are interested, Yorkshire TV sells a cheaper, better quality video of the Wembley match than the one that the club sells. Also, is the Yorkshire Evening Press the only source of photos of old City action?

Well, I'd better go. All the best.

Neil Griffin, Otley.

Apologies if Neil's letter sounds slightly dated, it arrived the day after the last issue went to press. I've included it as he raises several valid points which I will do my best to answer.

Several people have commented to me on the differing styles of press coverage provided by Malcolm Huntington, Tony Kelly and Alan Glasby. As individuals, they are all entitled to their own unique styles. We all have our own preferences. First, and foremost, Malcolm Huntington is a York City supporter of 50 years standing, becoming The YEP York City correspondent in 1968 on the retirement of Wilf Meek. I'm sure he feels the same highs and lows as any other City supporter. Certainly, he will criticise the team and players when he feels criticism is due. Tony Kelly's style is loved by some people, loathed by others. Over the past few years, YEP coverage of City has grown in size and improved in quality. Match reports, match facts and full colour pictures provide something for everyone. Meanwhile, Alan Glasby, working to different timescales and editorial policy produces a succinct weekly review of events at Bootham Crescent.

Any recent photo which appears in The YEP, and many more that don't, should be available for purchase. Pop into their Walmgate office if you are interested. I know when I was putting together my York City Quiz Books, The YEP and Malcolm Huntington were able to dig deep into YEP files to produce old photos. The York Library is another source of historic information and photos. The National Lending Library at Boston Spa may also be able to help.

As for videos, I know of no publicly available long form videos of the 1955 Cup run. However, as part of The Roof Appeal, we held a video evening in the Social Club when a video was shown, it featured brief clips from the 1955 Cup run and further action from the 1974-6 Division 2 days and more extensive action from the mid 1980s. Put together with help from Harry Gration and BBC in Leeds. By the mid 1980s, the home video recorder was widely available and I'm sure many readers must have built up extensive collections of City videos over the last 10 years. if anyone can help Neil, please get in touch with New Frontiers. Next an appeal, I've included it because The Professional Footballers' Association have already supported it.


Dear New Frontiers,

On May 21, 1993, African National Council (ANC) prisoners in Leeuwkop maximum security prison in Johannesburg went on hunger strike for 14 days to protest at the lack of progress in winning an amnesty for them. Because of the hunger strike, and subsequent campaign, some prisoners have now been given release dates. The Professional Footballers' Association made a donation to the campaign.

The "crimes" these prisoners were convicted for were either committed in the struggle to bring down apartheid or in the defence of their communities from armed attack. We are continuing to campaign for an amnesty for all of them. The prison conditions they face are very harsh. However, they are allowed to receive gifts, including football equipment and videos. We are therefore asking football supporters in Britain for donations to a fund to buy football and other sports equipment and videos for them.

Please send donations to: Nkululeko / Freedom, PO Box 524, London, E9 5QX, making cheques payable to "Nkululeko / Freedom".

Thank you.

Sharon Ekambaram, Secretary, Leeuwkop Political Prisoners Support Campaign.


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