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On February 9 2006, at the Yorkcitysouth social evening, Josh Easby gave a revealing insight into his times as editor of "Arthur Bottom" and his year as a City director. To get the full story, you needed to be there, or you could make an offer for "The Josh Easby Diary", available from all good bookshops.

Josh spoke eloquently about his involvement with City, namely his many years publishing his daily "There's Only One Arthur Bottom" email newsletter and his single year as a City director.

Born in York, he attended Archbishop Holgate school and recalled a contemporary, Brian Pollard starring in the school's rugby union side. He fondly remembers many 0-0 draws before his move to New Zealand in 1970 which coincided with the start of City's rise to the old Division 2. His return to England in 1999 was swiftly followed by City's drop back into the basement division. During his stay in New Zealand, he made several trips back to England, usually coinciding with City games, but didn't see a City win during those 29 years.

Throughout his journalistic career in New Zealand, and in the pre internet days, he managed to keep in touch with City and English football. Also, he would accompany British clubs on their down under tours, rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Charlton brothers and Glenn Hoddle, and more often than not rubbing them up the wrong way.

It has its funny and rewarding moments as well. Josh fondly remembers the lady who subscribed to find out about City to allow her to chat up a City supporter she fancied. It worked well for a year until Josh got an email entitled, "He's broken my heart", romance over, subscription ended. Or the case of the City supporter who ate all the pies at Preston. Within minutes of sending that newsletter, Josh received a reply from the guy offering his sincerest apologies to the fellow supporter who had queued for 25 minutes only to see the guy in front buy the last 5 pies. Apparently, he thought all his friends would like another pie so he bought them all to avoid disappointing them.

At the time of the 2006 meeting, Josh had made contact with the daughter of Arthur Bottom, who was living a quiet, reclusive lifestyle in Chesterfield and suffering from arthritis. Later, Josh arranged a birthday card for Arthur's 80th birthday. Arthur was very proud that his name was being used for Josh's daily newsletter.

Josh's Arthur involvement lead directly to his City directorship. He answered the phone late one afternoon and was asked to come up to York for a breakfast meeting the next day. Out of the house at 5:30, he was having his breakfast with Douglas Craig at 8:30. Craig's "Why do you do Arthur?" was answered with "Why are you City chairman?" They hit it off and Josh became a sounding board for what the fans were thinking. Marketing workshops, York City official webmaster and board directorship swiftly followed.

The marketing workshop formally introduced to City several supporters who were later to play key roles in The Supporters Trust. Josh's work on the web site generated an additional income stream for City.

Josh's first board meeting was an eye opener. Agenda item number one concerned the replacement of a single light floodlight pylon light bulb. Do it immediately or wait until several needed replacing and let the economies of scale kick in to reduce total expenditure. The last agenda item at every meeting was "Football Matters", last because it was the one that all the board members were most passionate about.

After Craig stood down as chairman, Josh stayed on the board under John Batchelor until his position became untenable. Despite repeated requests, Batchelor failed to produce any proper accounts or cash flow forecasts. Unable to perform his statutory duty as a director to ensure the company was being run as a solvent concern, Josh resigned. 2 months later, City went into administration.

Josh will tell you the difference between Craig and Batchelor was that Craig did exactly as he promised and Batchelor didn't. Despite Craig's public reputation as a dictator, board meetings under him were open and a forum for reasoned debate and consensus agreement. Under Batchelor, meetings were quite different.

Craig, now computer literature thanks to Josh, and an Arthur subscriber was quizzing Josh recently on the merits of Emmanual Panther.

I'm afraid you had to be at the meeting to hear all the inside stories, but for tasters:

In 2006, Josh returned down under and is now living in New Zealand, still sending out his daily newsletter.


Josh started his "There's Only One Arthur Bottom" newsletter in July 1997 and it is still published nearly every day. It peaked at around 1,100 subscribers during the Save Our City campaign and today is received in over 30 countries by over 800 subscribers. Given the time difference, he actually finds publishing Arthur easier down under.

TOOAB has provided a rallying point for hundreds of City supporters since 1997 where Josh's professional experience in media and communications has proved to be invaluable.

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