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The recent bid for Jon McCarthy showed how times have changed at Bootham Crescent. Not so long ago, anyone offering a club record fee for a City player would have had their hands bitten off. Now, despite City making a large loss in the last financial year (I don't think this year's figure will be too healthy either), we are in a position to refuse such an offer.

Well Done, Mr Craig.

Despite what anyone might think, in no way are Badford a bigger club than York City. Like City, they have spent most of the recent seasons in the lower divisions. Look are the current league table, are Badford a bigger club than York City?

On a slightly sour note, I'm not quite sure why both clubs agreed to keep the offer quiet. Surely, the player had a right to know an offer had been made and the fans the right to know that City weren't prepared to accept an offer from the first club that came along. I have visions of a line of players queueing up outside the manager's offer to see Alan Little on the morning after the offer was reported, all anxious to find out whether it was an offer for them.

I'm sure that they would all have been pleased to know what Alan Little had said about having ambition for the club when Jon McCarthy extended his contract in January was true.

Well Done, Mr Craig.

While I'm at it, another plaudit for Mr Craig. Earlier this season, York City decided not to sign up for The Commission For Racial Equality's campaign against racial prejudice within the game.

Spurred by comments from the club's supporters, Mr Craig denounced the racist chanting that has been heard on several occasions at Bootham Crescent this season. His speech, delivered from the pitch, received a loud round of applause from all around the ground.

Let us hope that the small minority who had been responsible for the chanting stop it. In my book, his speech did more for the campaign than all those clubs who have paid lip service to the campaign.


Newcastle's recent bad run of results has spurred Kevin Keegan into action. He told his squad to expect some new faces soon. Peter Beardsley asked for the first one.

Q. What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Lester Piggott.
A. Piggott is allowed to ride 3 year olds.


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