new frontiers (issue 8)


Dale Banton was recently spotted in the reception at Nestle recently. Apparently, he is a stationery salesman nowadays.

Going To Bath? Twerton Park, home of Bristol Rovers, is 2 miles from the centre of Bath along the lower Bristol Road, parallel to the railway line. You will find 6 pubs en route from the railway station, the last 4 within 400 yards of the ground.

Did you see the recent European Championship ice skating. Scarborough FC did. They noted how Torvill and Dean were lying in second place and were beaten by the pair in third position. By a strange mathematical quirk, Torvill and Dean were elevated to first and the previous leaders dropped from top spot to third position. Scarborough are to put a resolution to The Football League's Annual General Meeting that this scoring system is introduced to football next season. It will mean that Scarborough can lose every game, as usual, and end up as champions.

Talking about Scarborough. What do you think about their chairman, Geoffrey Richmond, swapping positions with his Bradford City counterpart, David Simpson. Apparently Richmond had just sold off some of his business assets and was able to pay off Bradford City's debts. While selling New Frontiers before the Bradford City game, Richmond's first game as their chairman, he rolled up to the ground in his roller (registration number 1 GR). Having sold rather a lot of copies of New Frontiers that day, I thought, should I do likewise and change my lifelong allegiance from York City to another side. I was tempted, almost enough money in my pocket to buy a season ticket, I could have bought a Barnet season ticket. But there again ....

He was on the back page of issue 5, he's back again. Steve Murray, City's 1986 loan signing from Nottingham Forest has recently been in a Scottish High Court. He started legal proceedings against the Motherwell player whose tackle ended his career. He claimed for 900,000 damages. Just before the case started, an out of court settlement for over 100,000 was agreed.

Last year, I noticed a new group, The 8 Track Cartridge Family appear on London's live music scene. My first reaction, not another Australian cover band. At half time during City's recent game at Brentford, I was stopped by someone I hadn't seen in over 20 years. "Do you remember me, Nicholas Jackson?", yes I did. We chatted for most of the half time break, he told me that he was a member of The Cartridge Family, words such as "hip", "dead groovy" and "cool" were used as Nick described the group as being a "70s covers perversion" band. Another York musician, Chris Moore, formerly of The Redskins was spotted at Bootham Crescent last October while enjoying a break from his Parisian garret where he is currently writing a book about art, apparently lost to the music (and political) scene forever. 2009 update, apparently he's back in York, hurrah, but still lost to music, boo - Ed.

Don't forget. See you at Bootham Crescent for York City against England on Good Friday, April 1.


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