new frontiers (issue 8)

The Midas Touch

While Sugar digs the dirt out loud
One man alone stands from the crowd
'El Tel', the people's choice, our tabloids say
But will they ever get their way?

Now, another claimant may I extol
His virtues proven, would top my poll
He served his time, yet knows the ropes
And for his mentor had high hopes

But Graham Taylor they all ground down
Some christened him a vegetable, some a clown!
Now England, no World Cup will grace
While neighbours Ireland take our place

But Taylor's pupil has prospered well
The teams he bossed began to gel
Life after Villa made him bored
That is till City signed John Ward!

When I first met him, I marked him down
As someone special for our town
He had ambition in his eyes
Yet made the time to talk to guys

Yes, a good P.R. man is John at heart
But he made it clear right from the start
That fools he would not suffer any
As a team he built to draw fans, many

And build he did with Barnes and Swann
Who spurred a side which simply shone
They buried ghosts of failures past
To win promotion at long last

Yet just before his side won glory
John was tempted by another story
For Bristol Rovers pinched our man
And so his second challenge began

I wish him well at Twerton Park
And by all accounts he's made his mark
He came too late to halt their fall
But on present results they're walking tall

So mark my words, John will go far
He's well looked after by a lucky star
His 'Midas Touch' has served him well
Perhaps in time he'll replace our Tel!

Alan Glasby

"He (Kingsley Black) makes Barry Lyons look like Pele". The legendary bloke behind me at Nottingham Forest


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