1999/2000 Season Preview

This article originally appeared in "When Saturday Comes" as part of their season's preview.

    Q1) How will you do next season?

    A1) With team rebuilding following relegation its hard to say. It might take some time to find our feet. It usually takes us 8 years to climb out of the basement. At least the club is well organised.

    Q2) Which opposing team did you like most last season and which did you dislike?

    A2) Not really an opposing team, but England Under 21 as they contained 4 products of our youth policy (Paul Robinson, Darren Williams, Jon Greening and Richard Cresswell). We dislike all opponents, a few marginally less than most.

    Q3) Are there any ex players hanging around the club on match days and what do they do?

    A3) Lots, as we’re a friendly club we like to keep in touch. They’re in the board room, the social club, meeting business contacts, in fact just about everywhere.

    Q4) If your club was an animal what would it be?

    A4) The family cat. Nice, friendly and enjoying his spot in front of a roaring fire, not really wanting to move.

    Q5) What was the most surprising thing that happened to your club last season?

    A5) Our Chairman, Douglas Craig starred at 3 fans forums, including one in London. Which, for a rather blunt and sometimes self opinionated Scotsman was rather surprising. He turned many foes into allies as he more than justified his vision for the club.

    Q6) Who will be promoted and relegated from your division?

    A6) UP: 1st York, 2nd Swansea 3rd Plymouth 4th Orient. DOWN: Chester


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