new frontiers (issue 7)

Don't Quote Me Plus

"Our company only sponsors the arts. I don't think Stenhousemuir could be regarded by any stretch of the imagination as artistic. Prudential Insurance spokesman following 'The Pru' using the line 'Stenhousemuir 1 Arbroath 7' in one of their adverts.

"I can vouch for the fact that their style of play is very artistic indeed". Dennis Canavan, local Labour MP after Stenhousemuir won 7-3.

"After the twentieth goal, Bon Accord played like a team with no hope". Newspaper report of their record breaking 36-0 Scottish FA Cup defeat by Arbroath.

"Lee Sharpe has got dynamite in his shorts". Stuart Hall.

A recent Maine Road tannoy announcement asking fans to fill in and return a questionnaire in the programme was drowned out. The announcer stressed that the club needed to know the fans point of view. It was drowned out by the fans chant of "Swales Out".


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