new frontiers (issue 7)

Where Are They Now?

For all its failings, the Autoglass Trophy seems to appeal to the poets amongst us. Last time, Cathy gave us a poem about the Hartlepool game, now, a rather shy young gentleman writes about the Mansfield game.

Wembley seems a million light years away today
There's only 1,700 bored faces here, and even less applause
A balmy May afternoon filled with high hopes, has been replaced
By December's icy blasts, and a gut feeling of failure.

So where are they now? Those 8,000 floating fans
Those glory seekers
At Tescos perhaps, stocking up on their '4 packs' for xmas
Or checking their pools coupon
With the central heating turned up if they've got any sense!
No 'Mexican Waves', or red and blue baseball hats with pictures of TC on today
No, its sensible anoraks, and woolly hats with Liverpool FC on Wish I'd brought my gloves.

I see Leeds are 2 up, still they'll never catch Man U
My foot's gone to sleep, just like this ref
Come on mate, didn't you see that shove on Cooper
Oh no! my lighters run out of gas, reminds me of City!
For crying out loud, give McCarthy the ball, has he got the plague!

Maybe Lazio might do a swap deal, Deano for Gazza?
Nah, he'll end up at Scarborough, they're rolling in it!
Hey, isn't the FA Cup draw on Match Off The Day tonight?
Yes, but City won't be in it!
Doesn't matter, lets see who we might have got!!



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