City Player Profiles

Barras, Tony. Invented the Rio Ferdinand lazy centre half role, history didnít record whether or not he failed a drugs test but I suspect he didnít sip coffee with internationals and he certainly didnít have plaits in his hair.

Batchelor, John. Went one better than Roman Abramovich when having bought the club, he made his debut as a substitute against Woking.

Bishop, Andy. Probably Chris Brassí best signing a free from Walsall. Had 2 seasons with us before joining Bury in May 2006. The day after his departure was announced he fulfilled a commitment to be joint guest speaker at the Harrogate Minstermenís social evening. He gave a lucid account of his time with City and said when he signed his contract, City and other clubs, including Walsall and Kidderminster, had made verbal offers but only Bury had put a contract in front of him. Incidentally, another departee, Dave Merris, was the other guest speaker.

Bull, Gary. Holds some kind of City record for scoring a City hat trick in 1996, his feat wasn't repeated for 9 years until Joe O'Neill's 2005 hat trick at Southport.

Eccles, Jennifer. Striker who didn't. Rumoured to have been christened Terry but definitely played like a girl.

Farrell, Craig. Latest in a long line of non scoring strikers. His touch and general play suggest the new Gary Bull. An away hat trick or two would confirm that impression. Wrexham away?, Craig.

Hotte, Tim. Loan signing from Hull, most memorable at the time for his name, almost certain to be a relative of Mark.

Panther, Emmanuelle. Strong midfield player, with a first name like Emmanuelle he had to be strong as a boy in Glasgow.

Parkin, Jon. Bill Shankly had Ron Yeats, Terry Dolan had Parkin.

Robinson, Paul. Replaced Alan Shearer in the Newcastle team but couldn't make a name for himself at City.

Robinson, Paul. Paul Robinson's twin striker who you couldn't tell apart from his twin. Neither scored.

Taylor. We've had several since Archie but none to get excited about.