new frontiers (issue 7)

Bootham Cheers

I first started watching The Minster Men, or The Robins as they were then, in the late sixties when The Grovesnor Terrace was the home end and the Pop Stand was a standing area.

Over the years there have been many highlights. However, on the down side, especially during the Wilf McGuinness era, there have been times when the likelihood of a City win made Swindon look a good bet!

The memory is very selective and I guess most football supporters tend to remember the good times rather than the bad. Supporters are eternal, if sometimes, secretive optimists. Even Barnet supporters go through the turnstiles thinking that maybe, just maybe, today will be the day when it clicks. If that belief wasn't there, they'd be at home watching New Baywatch or the black and white film on BBC2.

Recently we've been lucky because its clicked for City more than most and we've been able to enjoy some memorable moments.

Que Sera Sera

I was still making my way to my seat last May and was concentrating more on finding my place than allowing myself to luxuriate in the nervous expectation of what was to come. I turned to my left to see the squad running onto the pitch. The emotion, the tingle of pride and the anticipation is a feeling that is unlikely to be repeated, at least in the sporting environment. It surpassed the very strong and different, exhausted elation which accompanied Wayne Hall's joyous descent onto the Wembley turf and the realisation, that despite Steve Tutill's aberration, justice had been done.

I think that most people before the game had looked forward to a great day out and would not have let a defeat spoil the occasion too much. After watching the way The Minster Men dominated the proceedings a deep depression would have descended if the result had been different.

As it was, we were able to frequent London and local hostelries in a very positive frame of mind.

On the subject of pubs, one of the pleasures of watching City away is to find a pub serving good ale and food. The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury was one such hostelry last season. A mean chicken curry was washed down by a fine point of Marstons Pedigree. New Frontiers would be interested to hear of your suggestions and experiences of where to stop before or after away games. Write now.


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