new frontiers (issue 7)

1993, Gone But Not Forgotten

"No, none at all. But I coped with it". Paul Gascoigne replying to a question as to whether he was under any pressure

"One minute we're thinking, 'he's an ugly, French, one eyebrowed git', then he crosses the Pennines and becomes a dark, brooding, Heathcliff-type". Manchester United fanzine on Cantona's arrival

"They deserve to be flogged and made to break rocks for 5 years. With their heads". Daily Star editorial

"If I talk about buying big, I mean someone over 6 foot 4". Mike Walker

"The defence was awful, we were terrible in midfield and the attack was pathetic". Ron Atkinson, Aston Villa manager

"To achieve 7 clean sheets is a reward for a challenge that all professionals find great satisfaction in achieving, Teams attack from the back and defend from the front". The usually eloquent David Pleat

"Hardmen? Well, there was that picture of Vinnie Jones holding Gazza's wotsits. In my day we called someone who did that a poof". George Best


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