new frontiers (issue 6)

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the difference between Celtic's Paul McStay and a second hand Lada.
A. Eventually you will receive an offer for the Lada.

Q. What German newspaper once played for Manchester United.
A. Gerry Daly.

Q. What did Bill Shankly, Alan Hansen and Dee "Gregory's Girl" Hepburn do that Kenny Dalglish didn't.
A. Wear a Partick Thistle shirt.

Q. What is the difference between Columbus and Andy Roxburgh.
A. Columbus made it to America.

Q. How do you confuse a Millwall fan.
A. Give him a bag of M & Ms and ask him to sort them into alphabetical order.

Q. How do you know the plane carrying the Liverpool squad has arrived.
A. When the plane engine stops, the whining continues.

Q. How many Wimbledon players does it take to break an egg.
A. None, honest, they never touched it.

Q. When is a Jew not a Jew.
A. When he applies to the Egyptian Embassy for a visa to see his beloved Spurs play a friendly in Cairo he states his religion as Church Of England. He got his visa.

Q. What is the difference between Scarborough and half a soccer pitch.
A. The soccer pitch has a goal.

Q. What's the difference between a Scarborough season ticket and a copy of New Frontiers.
A. New Frontiers is worth more.

Q. What do you call a Doncaster player who makes a 10 yard pass.
A. Gifted.

Q. What is the difference between Neil Armstrong and Tony Cascarino.
A. One is good in the air and uses space well. The other does not.

Q. Name the only player to score 5 goals against Graeme Souness' Glasgow Rangers side.
A. Terry Butcher (all own goals).

Q. Why did Southampton manager Ian Branfoot insist on signing a replacement before selling Tim Flowers. Only to start that replacement on the bench?
A. There is no answer to how the mind of some managers work.

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