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  1955 Hillsborough
  1955 Roker Park
  2013 City win Champions League in Bernabeu Stadium with Gash hat trick. Dream on!
  1993 Wembley
  1994 Shelbourne v City, all nighter with as much Guinness as you can drink
  1995 Manchester United 0 York City 3. Who went up the M1 and not M6 and missed all the action
  1995 Manchester United 0 York City 3. Who turned up at work the next morning and kept quiet after telling work mates it was 3-0 with a City goal disallowed. Work mates said that wasn't bad and didn't realise until the afternoon that City had won
  1996 Branch mini bus to Goodison
  1982 Doncaster v York. Attacked by pensioners
  2012 Wembley. At the double
  1997 Livingstone weekend. Tourney win, live twice on Live TV, not a Norwegian weather girl in sight. Charles, welcome to the world
  1994 "Murty, you'll never make a footballer". Young Graeme quivers in a corner as a fan doubts his ability to step into the shoes of the recently departed Jon McCarthy
  2009 Wembley
  1985 Millwall. One City fan only in the ground, trying desperately not to give away his identity is spotted by Steve Senior in the warm up. "Hi Frank", shouts Steve, no response, a louder salutation from Steve follows, Frank pulls up his collar and looks over his shoulder to see who Steve is waving at (and checking he is not about to be pounced upon by Millwall's finest)
  2013 Dagenham. Lucky escape (Mark 2)
  2005 Win a fortune at Stevenage. Generous odd on Paul Robinson to score first, even more so when we sign a second Paul Robinson prior to the game. Stevenage betting office staff didn't realise

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