new frontiers (issue 6)

Good Grief Boys What Are You Wearing?

A warm welcome to Charley Stothard, a new subscriber who wasn't sure whether New Frontiers accepted contributions from fans. As we've said before, the more people who contribute, the better. I'm sure that you don't want to hear me prattle on all the time.

A cold Tuesday night in November
The Autoglass Trophy, first round
So I put on my scarf and my mittens
And headed off down to the ground.

Was I going to see Barnes score a hat trick?
Past glory and goals filled my thoughts
But nothing prepared me for this sight
The team wearing shiny red shorts.

So what was the thinking behind this
Appearing in two shades of red?
Had the blue ones got lost in the laundry?
Or was it that fashion was dead.

Perhaps there were tactics involved here
Or was it just meant to be fun
Distracting the other team's players
By appearing with a shiny red bum?

I hope you don't think I'm being fussy
Or moaning, or being unkind
Its just that the games hard to follow
When there's a reflection from Deano's behind.

From my viewpoint up here on the terrace
It may seem I'm just too quick to scoff
But my advice to the York City players
Is hurry up boys 'get em off'.

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