York City Quiz 2004

The 2004 York City quiz night deviated from normal. You could be York City Quiz King without knowing a single thing about City. There were 2 sets of questions, one based around City and the other based around football. Answer either set (given the passage of time, the City set might be a bit easier). See how well you do.

York City


Where did City win on the opening day of the season

Who are currently bottom of Division 3

Which club did Richard Hope play for last season. The same club from which City signed John Mackin

Which team went from D4 to D1 and all the way back to D4 in the 1960s

Who did City meet for the first time in the 1975/6 season when they played them in both The League and FA Cup

Who knocked Watford out of this seasonís FA Cup

On whose ground did City beat Cardiff in the 1971 FA Cup

Which Premiership club has a ground that shares its name with a venue for golfís The British Open

Which striker was sacked by City in November 1997

Which scored Liverpoolís goal at Bootham Crescent in the 1985 FA Cup tie

In 1986, City again reached Round 5. How many league clubs did City play in that seasonís FA Cup

How many times have Chelsea been champions of Englandís top division

How many times have City been promoted

How many times have England played in the World Cup finals when the finals have been held in Europe

How many seasons did Denis Smith spend as Cityís manager

How many different British teams have won the Champions League and its earlier equivalents

Who joined City in 2000 from Burnley and retired through injury later in the same year

Which defender was sent off when playing for Port Vale in a Divisional Play Off Final at Wembley in 1993

John Ward was appointed City Manager in 1992. At which club was he coaching at the time

Which club can count Ron Saunders and Ron Atkinson amongst its former managers

Which country did City tour in 1938 following their FA Cup exploits earlier that year

Who did West Germany beat in the 1974 FA Cup Final

Which opposing veteran striker claimed in his autobiography that someone in the Bootham Crescent crowd punched him as he took a corner kick early in his career

Who is the Weymouth Player Manager

Name the A side of Cityís 1984 single

Name the A side of Evertonís 1984 single

Who succeeded Wilf McGuinness as City Manager

Name the popular 60s and 70s keeper who was born in Hong Kong and played for Charlton and Bolton

Name the former City defender currently on the Manchester City coaching staff

Name the Blackburn defender who later went onto to be part of the Newcastle and England coaching set up under Kevin Keegan

Which former City striker later scored 9 goals in an FA Cup tie

Which former Scottish international striker become a successful businessman in Canada and was involved in a rescue bid for an ailing south coast club

Name the City striker of the 1990s signed from Stoke and sold to Birmingham

Name the London suburb, which gives its name, spelt backwards, to a very successful youth football team

Who said "Anyone except York away"

Who managed Carlisle, Grimsby, Workington and Huddersfield before really making his name as a manager

Name the first City Clubmen Of The Year to later become a Football League manager

Who played for Workington and Barrow and was Aldershot manager when all 3 lost their Football League status

On whose ground did City win a 1997 televised pre season tournament

Which Scottish club reached their first major final earlier this year

For which player did City pay £50,000 after he made his 50th City appearance

Name the keeper who has played for Hull, Sheffield United and Grimsby this season

Name the God like figure City came across on the first tour of The Isle Of Wight

Name the Hereford keeper in their famous FA Cup win over Newcastle. He later became a TV sports presenter

Where did City suffer their record defeat

Which of this seasonís Conference clubís ground part in England and part in Wales

In which year did City change sponsors to Flamingo Land

In which year did England last reach the semi final of The World Cup

In which year did City play at Wembley

In which year did Sheffield Wednesday last reach the FA Cup Final

In 1958, which Division 1 team did City play a friendly to mark the official opening of Cityís first flooodlights

Which club won the FA Cup three times in the 1950s and havenít won it since

Which club were the visitors in 1992 when Cityís Family Room was first opened

Which club last their manager, Martin Allen, to Brentford in March

In which year did City first wear sponsored shirts

In which year did Chelsea last win the old Division 2 Canons Trophy

Which Scottish international scored 9 goals for City in the 1979/80 season

Who is Leedsí all time record goalscorer

For the penalty shoot out tie break, name the 22 teams in the 2003/4 Conference.

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