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James Walker Memorial Trophy - York City South Player Of The Season

Its that time of the year again, your chance to vote for City's player of the season. The York City South award is decided in April and is presented by YCS when we're in a sponsor's box on April 21st for the Leamington game. Please email Ray & Dot to see if places are still available. The club's own "Billy Fenton Clubman Of The Year" and several supporters club awards are also decided in April.

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Friday March 30 York City Clubman Of The Year Award - The History Read the history of City's Clubman Of The Year award, named in memory of Billy Fenton, one of our 1954/5 Happy Wanderers, who took City to The FA Cup semi final that season. Plus read about Billy Fenton after whom City's own player of the year award is named and watch footage of his and our team's goals as we reached the 1955 FA Cup Semi Final and a sneak look at action from our 1938 FA Cup run. Trivia Time: Which of City's Clubmen winners has the player of the season trophy named in his honour at one of his previous clubs?

March 31 The James Walker Memorial Trophy Read the history of York City South's own player of the year award and check out all the winners of our branch award and see us present the trophy.

April 1 Keepers Recall the careers of every City keeper. Some went on to much better things, some legendary keepers came to City in the twilight of their careers. Do you agree with our rankings of City's greatest ever keepers? Trivia Time: "Get your hair cut young lad", which City keeper was on the receiving of Brian Clough's barbed comment.

April 2 Paul Aimson Many would call him City's best ever player. Trivia Time: For which Division 1 club is Paul Aimson's grandson now playing.

April 3 City Book Club How many books have been written about City and / or by players who played for City. More than you'd think. Plus an updated section on City's many fanzine and supporters' publications. Trivia Time: Which ex City player wrote a biography of U2.

April 4 The Naughty Steps Today we recall many City personnel who got into trouble, some ended up in prison, others broke no law; some got off lightly, others got a hard time, only a couple make it onto the lower rungs for their on the field antics.

April 5 City Abroad Today we recall some of the City players to have played abroad, taking in Turkey, a Canadian fireman, China and Malta where a former centre half played in the European Cup.

April 6 Young Guns How many of the ten youngest players ever to turn out for City can you recall. 3 went on to have top flight careers. Depending on how you class it, up to 6 had reasonably successful careers where playing for City was about the pinnacle of it and the other sunk without trace despite 2 spells with City. PS None went on to win a player of the year award with us.

April 7 The Chamber Of Horrors Today, we recall some nightmare games featuring City. 12 Matches From The Chamber Of Horrors. The article originally appeared in issue 13 of new frontiers, a York City fanzine dating back to 1992 Read New Frontiers. Also in this issue, to balance the horrors, the issue also included features on our 1955 Happy Wanderers and Steve Cooper whilst Sam recalled the perils of being a City ball boy in 1987.

April 8 League Standings Depressing reading I'm afraid. More relegations than promotions, more lower table finishes than upper table and a steadily declining league position.

April 9 City Player Records Download details of every player to have played for City, including details of transfer fees, appearances and for the current squad, their contracted end dates. Also, check out Andy Naylor's City facts and figures which detail every game that City have ever played plus much more.

Tuesday April 10 The Contenders Voting closes tonight. Still unsure who to vote for? With well over 40 players this season, you’re certainly spoilt for choice, so here is our guide to all the candidates help you to make up your mind. Remember folks, your vote really does count.

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