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Scottish Scene Update

Scottish correspondent, Alasdair MacNab gives an update as the season reaches the half way stage. The long delay since his last article is due to him binning a piece on Tommy Coyne joining Kilmarnock, Alasdair's club. Coyne joined Motherwell and propelled them to the upper reaches of The Premier League whilst Killie loiter, without intent, in mid table.

Those of you who read my article in New Frontiers 5 will see that my predictions were fairly accurate. Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen slug it out at the top. But, apologies to Motherwell for slagging them off, they still hang on near the top. I still think that they will collapse and finish mid table at best, although the signing of Tommy Coyne from Tranmere should bolster them.

Scottish football has been dominated by the continued rumblings at Celtic Park. Liam Brady's lack of success saw his inevitable dismissal, but the board of directors hang on in there despite intense pressure. Canadian businessman, Fergus McCann, although having officially withdrawn his offer of a 17 million cash injection, still waits in the wings and will re-appear (mark my words). The decline of this once European football giant is a disgrace and the board of directors retention of power is unforgivable. Move over and let the Celtic breathe fire again.

The game north of the border, whilst exciting is too hectic and the pace twice as fast as its English equivalent. Fewer and fewer good young players are coming to the fore and 44 league games a season is boring everyone to tears! There are however some exciting developments in the game. Gordan Petric, Dundee United's 500,000 signing from Partizan Belgrade looks a super buy in defence and ranks as one of Europe's top defenders.

2 extra places are available for 1994-5 when the league splits into 4 divisions with Caledonian Thistle, Elgin City and Ross County from the north competing against Gala and Gretna. The decision will be announced in January. Expect Thistle and, possibly, Ross to secure the votes. Representation from a strong, competitive and well supported Highland League is long overdue. Thistle could move up quickly from Division 3 to Division 1.

Elsewhere, Craig Brown has been appointed Scotland Manager, sickening everyone except the SFA hierarchy. Completely unproven at all levels, he has the vital ingredient of being a yes man which is exactly what the SFA require. Money made from the game will continue to keep Jim Farry and company in a lifestyle to which they are accustomed, namely 5 star hotels and Bollinger champagne. Meanwhile, the national team will sink further into the abyss, support from the terraces will be at an all time low.

Finally, Aberdeen made the news after being fined by UEFA when a fan ran onto the pitch against Torino. Was he was going to attack the referee? No, he admitted in court that he ran on to pick up the coin the referee had used for the toss up, and had inadvertently forgotten to pick up. Will Aberdonians ever change?


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