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Sunderland's pre season friendly with Scunthorpe was interrupted by a swarm of bees. Play was stopped for 15 minutes as the players fled. Sunderland lost 2-1.

The Kuwait Under 21 fled their pre season friendly with Wimbledon after 40 minutes complaining of their hosts over aggressive behaviour. They didn't come back.

Ian St John is a failed TV presenter. When he was playing for Liverpool, he entered a national competition to find BBC football commentator. He reached the last 6. He took part in the final without his manager, Bill Shankly, knowing. It only proves what we've known all along. ITV aren't as selective as the BBC.

You've got to feel sorry for Alan Glasby. Every week, his York City submission to The Advertiser is considerably chopped down in size. Even then his worries are not over. A recent piece on The Supporters Club included the line that membership was available at "the princely sum of 1". The Advertiser printed it as "the pricely sum".

The Premier League are expected to invite Scarborough to join them next season. The current 22 clubs are unanimous in their support for Scarborough. They are all agreed that none of them want to finish bottom so they have co-opted Scarborough for that honour.

Hearts played their first league game in August 1890 and included "Roberts" in their line up. It was an assumed name, a common practice of the time, as inferior players were selected because of who they were, rather than for playing ability.

Last season, at Feethams, the loudspeaker announced Darlington's number 8 as "Mr Reed", new on loan signing John Reed had obviously made a memorable first impression.

A year ago at York races, the Rous Stakes was won by Bold Seven, owned and trained by Francis Lee, in second place was Knobbleeneeze belonging to his former England colleague, Mick Channon. What are the odds that the horses' names refer to the owners, Lee in the number 7 shirt he wore at Maine Road and Channon's dodgy knees?

Referee, William Williams, was killed by one of the losing side after a game in South Wales in 1912.

While playing for Berwick, former Shrewsbury winger, Vic Kasule, did a "Hugo Sanchez" somersault to celebrate a goal. He broke a toe and was out of action for 6 weeks.

"Pontins" is Darlington's nickname, their season ends in September.

Finally, do you want to hear a blue joke? Glasgow Rangers.


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