new frontiers (issue 6)

Strange But True

Limbless soccer players were more common in the past than they are now. One legged George Gyngell kept goal for Maidenhead Norfolkians at the turn of the century. He kept goal in FA Cup ties. A contemporary, Folkstone's one legged Don Hart retired when opponents took to kicking the ball hard at his wooden leg, eventually smashing it into pieces.

A traditional game occurred between the wars between Crewe and Derby railway veterans. With average ages of about 68, the teams played to the full rules on a full size pitch. One consideration was made for their age. The players had to walk, they could not run.

In 1973, 20 Bournemouth fans were stranded in Halifax after an evening game when their coach driver refused to take them home. The local police station found accommodation in their parade room and provided a hearty breakfast the following morning.

In August 1992, East Fife were eliminated from the Skol Cup on penalties. True yes, strange no. The strange thing is that it was the seventh successive season that they had been eliminated from the Skol Cup on penalties.

In 1956 Cardiff beat Leeds 2-1 in an FA Cup Round 3 game at Elland Road. True. In 1957 Cardiff beat Leeds 2-1 in an FA Cup Round 3 game at Elland Road. True. In 1958 Cardiff beat Leeds 2-1 in an FA Cup Round 3 game at Elland Road. Strange.

When Coventry played at Cardiff in October 1965 they played in a borrowed set of Stoke shirts. The reason? To avoid a clash of the blues as the game was beamed back to Highfield Road on close circuit television.

One derby day at Anfield, 2 Everton players went down injured, in need attention. Liverpool trainer, Bob Paisley ran on to the pitch and administered a spot of healing to one of the Everton players. The local press praised Paisley's sporting attitude in helping an opponent. Paisley was more modest. "All I did was to tell him, get up and stop time wasting".

In 1909, West Bromwich Albion beat Leicester Fosse 12-0. An enquiry as to whether the game was fixed concluded it was not. The Leicester players were all hung over after celebrating a team mates 28 hour stag do which finished on the morning of the game.

Luton have just invested over 8,000 to put 15 foot high netting along the length of their main stand. Last season they lost 3,000 worth of balls which were kicked over the stand and stolen. Scarborough are thinking about a similar scheme to keep their fans in.

Chester full backs Ray Jones and Bryn Jones, no relation, both broke a leg in a game against Aldershot in January 1966.


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