new frontiers (issue 6)


Before I start, can I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year and a big welcome to issue 6 of New Frontiers. Now a year old, some people said it would never last.

As the season approaches half time, I'm a disappointed with the way things have gone. We should be nearer the top than we actually are. We've had some good wins, some disappointing defeats. But, how many teams have you seen that have wiped City off the park? The answer is not many, if any. With a bit more consistency, we could be nearer the top than we are. We've lost to several teams we really should have beaten.

Its good to see our promising youngsters have, almost without exception, enhanced their reputations. Pity to see Glen Naylor on the transfer list. All he is lacking is the confidence that a few goals would bring. The older heads have played their part too. Welcome back Ray Warburton. Both Tony Canham and Paul Stancliffe have had to contend with injuries and have been unable to contribute as much as I'm sure they would have hoped.

A special mention for Paul Barnes. Some of his touches to bring teammates into play remind me of Paul Aimson, I'm sure many long time supporters will agree. For all the skills of Byrne, Walwyn, Randall, Seal and Jones, no one has come as close to Paul Aimson as Paul Barnes. A deft touch or little flick can unlock defences. The Brighton game being a prime example.

More consistency and we will have a good second half to the season. Promotion, championships, play offs and WEMBLEY are still realistic targets to aim for. Consistency would be improved if match officials improved their own performance. Behind the goal at Wrexham, it was clear that our forwards were onside when the ball was played, only to be flagged offside as they received it. OFFICIALS, PLAY THE GAME. I'm not saying they were always wrong, but I could clearly see they were wrong on several occasions.

Contributions: Paul Hayes (music), Graham Kilby (inspiration, no old jokes you'll be glad to hear), an irate Bryn Jones, Phil Wormley, Fiona J. Roberton, Charley Stothard, Dave Wake and Chris Forth. More welcome, hand contributions or ideas to our salesmen, or post them. Thanks: To all the above, salesmen and everyone who helped. Thanks to you for buying it. If you're reading a friend's copy, please, buy your own next time, its for a good cause. Postal Subscriptions: 3.50 for the next 5 issues. Cheques payable to Chris Forth, please state which issue you would like your subscription to start from. Back Issues: Usually, our salesmen carry stock, or try The Supporters Club sales point in the ground. If that fails, 70p by post. All available, issue 2 is very limited. Also available, The York City Quiz Book, both volumes, 1 each. Printed By: BLUEPRINT, 47 Carlton Crescent, Gwaun Miskin, Pontypridd, CF38 2RS. Contact Paul Hollingshead 0443 205653. Next Issue: February.

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