York City Quiz 2005


Congratulations to Andy Naylor, our 2005 York City quiz king. Try the quiz now and see if you can beat Andy’s 26 out of 36. It was a close fought affair with Andy just pipping Alastair Smith and David Ward. Ray Goodearl was a close fourth. The other pre event favourite, Ben failed to shine, never overcoming his 10 point penalty for being skint. The rest of the field was nowhere to be seen.


  • Last player to score hat trick for City
  • Wembley born striker, not quite the same name, but his name is very similar to a nickname of a Yorkshire Division 1 side
  • Sold to Cardiff last summer
  • Midfielder who joined City on loan from Middlesbrough last season
  • Released in 2003 but then offered a new one year contract
  • Leading scorer as we reached Division 2 in 1974
  • THE 1990s

  • Left back given the run around by Jon McCarthy in City's 1993 Wembley play off triumph against Crewe.
  • Which club did Alan Little become manager of shortly after leaving City in 1999
  • From which club did City sign Steve Agnew
  • Which City defender had previously won a Premiership winners medal at Leeds
  • Who did City beat in the 1993 play off semi final
  • Who beat City in the 1994 play off semi final

  • Name the first keeper to make 11 consecutive clean sheets in English senior football
  • Who made his City debut against Manchester United
  • Name the former Northern Ireland keeper who joined City from Blackburn
  • Was our regular keeper when we reached the FA Cup Semi Final in 1955
  • Name the veteran keeper who kept goal for us in our 1984 Division 4 Championship winning side
  • Which keeper did City sell to Manchester United in 1995

  • To be found on the hills, occasionally in goal in the mid 1970s and also a loan signing last season
  • Former barrel maker signed from Nottingham Forest.
  • Current striker to be found moonlighting on the chess board or in the house of god
  • Another religious man, this time a defender with an unpronouncable surname
  • Usually to be found in hotel lobbies and hospital wards, he was signed from Darlington.
  • We all tried to be one at school, usually with wonky results. He's now to be found at Macclesfield.

  • How old was this season's youngest contributor to Dots' "Southern Connections" page in City's programme
  • Where did the branch enjoy a sunny Sunday social in June 2004
  • Name our opponents when the branch's football team had their first game in1997.
  • Who procured the kit in which the branch's side now play
  • Name the first keeper to be voted the branch's Player Of The Season
  • Keith Usher's boyhood and manhood hero
  • TIE BREAK 1: Name the 22 teams in this season's Conference North. The teams we might have been playing next season if the worst had come to the worst.

    TIE BREAK 2: What the was attendance at City first Conference game, at Aldershot in August 2004


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