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Tery Vegetables !!

How long will it be before El Tel becomes Terry Vegetables on the back pages of our favourite daily tabloids, following in the footsteps of "Turnip Taylor".

Terry V has appeared to be the choice of both the people and the media. So one would expect him to receive a strong backing from all areas. He will need all the backing he can get, particulary in the early stages when adjustments and trials will be taking place as he attempts to come up with a winning formula for England FC and English football in general.

Yet, I may be pessimistic but I believe I am a realist too and thus I feel it will take only a short period of time before the media begin to turn against Mr Venables. Of course, unless the media give their backing his job will become an uphill struggle as Bobby Robson and Graham Taylor both found out to their disadvantage in recent times.

Unbelievably one journalist, Mr Langley of The Mirror, only a day after Venables appointment was describing the problems the media will present to Terry with a sense of twisted satisfaction. Surely Mr Langley must realise that he is not helping English football and is merely providing a further obstacle in the way of England's stride to become a force in international football.

In truth, I don't believe it will take a great deal to turn around the fortunes of our national team. What Mr Venables really needs is luck, something Graham Taylor had very little of. The chances England missed, the type of goals conceded and the number of injuries inflicted on the squad were beyond belief at times.

So what of Mr Venables. He has only won one trophy in domestic English football, the FA Cup, and yet achieved great things in Spain with Barcelona. Was this because he had a team already built for him? And let's face it, if Real Madrid don't win the league there's only one other club likely to finish above them. Yes, its easy to cast a discerning eye over our new England manager as it would be any manager. But, surely the media must avoid this and give him their full backing.

Then, hopefully, with a bit of luck England will be back where they belong, because there is no doubt the potential and ability of the players is there.

Phil Wormley

When Terry Venables was a young player at Chelsea, in the days of the maximum wage, he was unhappy with his pay. He saw the manager, Tommy Docherty and asked, "Why does Jimmy Greaves get 20 a week during the season and 16 during the summer when I only get 15 and 12". Docherty replied, "He's a better player than you". "Not during the summer he isn't", retorted Venables.


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