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Football Manager 2006

21/Feb/2006 (Tamworth) - Charles Forth (age 8)

I won a Billy McEwan signed copy of Football Manager (FM) 2006 in The Yorkshire Evening Press competition in November. I used to play the old Championship Manager game with old City players like Andy Warrington and Rob Matthews. But now FM 2006 is my favourite computer game now.

With FM 2006, the first thing I did was to sack Billy and make myself City manager. Since I started in the Conference as York City manager, in the first season I finished 8th in the table. In the 2nd season I got into the play offs and in the final we were playing Wycombe. First we drew 4-4 (Charlie Griffin scored all their 4), there was no more score in extra time. We lost 3-2 on penalties. Dad showed me a trick so we could replay the final. This time, I won 3-1, Andy Bishop scored 2 goals and is worth £440,000. I think Billy should be able to replay lost games in real life. Now in Division 2 we are lying in 14th place. I think with a couple of new players, another good striker and a decent defender, Iíd get City promoted again.

Ryan Mallon has been my best player in FM 2006 and Iíve signed 2 other good midfielders who are both called Ryan

It's great trying new formations and tactics, and before Billy started changing goalies at half time, I did it in FM 2006 and it worked well for me.

In FM 2006 I canít believe how much Chris Brass gets paid and how little Clayton Donaldson gets. Father Neil, my teacher gets more than Clayton so I think he must be a better football player. Dad says the FM 2006 wages are probably similar to what the players get in real life, so I feel quite sorry for some of our young players because they get only very little wages. When Billy signs a new player for City, I check the player on FM 2006 to see how good he really is.

But, Iím not sure I like Jason McGill as he keeps telling me not to spend money and wonít allow me to buy any expensive players. Dad says that is what all chairman do.

As well as learning how to manage the money, I have learnt lots more about things, like the human body (injuries), keyboard / mouse control, contract negotiations and the meaning of lots of new words as well. Mum always tells me to "stop playing that silly game," but I tell her it is not a game but education.

I think when City lose in real life I prefer FM 2006.

February Social Evening. We enjoyed an entertaining and informative talk from Josh Easby, Editor of 'There is only one Arthur Bottom'. Thank you Josh.

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