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York City's Keepers: Career Long Serving Keepers

Some keepers only had a brief spell with City but went onto have stellar careers afterwards, whilst other top keepers came to City for short spells towards the end of their careers
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This page looks at some of the keepers who have played for City between World War 2 and 1994, and are mainly remembered for a long and distinguished career rather than specifically what they did for City.


Career Appearances (*)

Jones, Roger


Tunks, Roy


Walker, Mike


Hillyard, Ron


Crawford, Graeme


Forgan, Tommy


Neenan, Joe


Marples, Chris


Blackburn, Eddie


Brown, Graham


Moor, Tony


Morritt, Gordon


Endersby, Scott


(*) Stats to the end of the 1993/4 season, as per the original New Frontiers article.

In a career that spanned 20 years, Roger Jones made a total of 693 Football League appearances. By the time he joined City in 1982 his reflexs and ability may have been on the wane but he was still a joy to watch. His positional play being an example to all aspiring keepers. In 1984, at the annual PFA Awards, he was voted into the Division 4 alongside 3 of his colleagues, John MacPhail, Keith Walwyn and John Byrne. Incidentally, 10 years earlier, in 1974, when many fans had expected to see Graeme Crawford voted into the Division 3 side in City's promotion year, Roger Jones had beaten him to the coveted spot.

Roy Tunks is a name that maybe unfamiliar to many City supporters. He made 4 appearances for City whilst on loan from Rotherham. His last appearance at Bootham Crescent was in 1985 when playing for Wigan. He also played for Preston.

2 young keepers who went onto to greater glory elsewhere were Mike Walker and Ron Hillyard. Walker was sold to Watford with high expectations. To some extent he lived up to them. However, few would have guessed that Ron Hillyard would make 563 Football League appearances for his next club. That club was Gillingham who his was later to manage. Even later, his role as keeper coach at Gillingham and Ebbsfleet meant trips back to York.

There is a long gap to Graeme Crawford, Tommy Forgan and Joe Neenan. Neenan played for Scunthorpe, Burnley, Peterborough and Scarborough after leaving City. Crawford after starting with East Stirling didn't make the grade at Sheffeild United. A loan spell at Mansfield came to nothing. As well as 252 games for City, he played 104 games for Scunthorpe and 70 with Rochdale where he was part of a mafia of ex City stars.

Still climbing the list (in 1994) was Chris Marples back with his first club, Chesterfield after spells with Stockport and City.

The other keepers on the list all played for a series of clubs. Graham Brown managed a spell in America and with 5 other league clubs. Gordon Morritt had a spell in South Africa as well as with 6 league clubs before becoming a policeman.

Bubbling under the list in 1994 were Dean Kiely, Mike Stowell and Andy Leaning. All 3 subsequently went on to have long careers, Stowell played until his late 30s, mainly with Wolves and then Bristol City. Leaning had a successful career with Chesterfield.

Since this article first appeared. City have seen a long line of experienced and quality keepers between the posts who enjoyed long and successful careers in the higher echelons of The Football League. Bobby Mimms and Neville Southall and Alan Fettis perhaps being the best known.

Other long serving keepers whose longevity in goal deserve a mention include Paul Crichton, Mark Ovendale, Marcus Beresford (perhaps the only keeper to have a fanzine named in his honour), Tim Clarke, Mark Prudhoe, Mark Samways and of course Dean Kiely.

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