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York City - Financial Accounts

York City's financial accounts don't always make good reading. In recent years, the stated headline losses have been softened by the inclusion of JMP / Jason McGill donations (gifts).

All the information below is sourced from public records and press statements. Full sets of accounts are lodged at Companies House and should be available to anyone to download from their web site.

Once again, the 2017/8 accounts show another big loss with JM Packaging once again committing their ongoing support for another season. 2017/8 Accounts - Read More

The 2016/7 accounts show continuing big losses and a very worrying future given the loss of further central funding and the decision by Jason McGill to put the club up for sale. In one way, they are not much different to recent years. BUT, the one big difference is without JMP funding the future is unsustainable. It costs almost as much to keep the club afloat as comes in through the turnstiles, that is before you pay the team.

The 2015/6 (Football League relegation) season show a headline lose of over 301k, income included a 235k donation from JMP / the McGill family. Expenditure remained relatively steady but income fell marginally. Net current liabilities jump to 4.897m.

The 2014/5 (Worthington / Wilcox) season shows a headline lose of over 361k, income included a 360k donation from JMP / the McGill family (otherwise losses would have been 720k+), meaning a large increase on losses. Expenditure remained relatively steady but income fell. Net current liabilities jump to over 4m.

See below for more details of individual years' accounts and a summary for the past 20 years. Any thoughts on how to make the 2018/9 forecast more realistic, please send details to the email address below.

20 years of accounts summarised (with 2018/9 forecast)

1922 - Want To Buy A Share?
In The Beginning

2018/9 Accounts - Due 2020

2017/8 Accounts

2016/7 Accounts

2015/6 Accounts

2014/5 Accounts

2013/4 Accounts

2012/3 Accounts

2011/2 Accounts

2009/10 Accounts

2008/9 Accounts

2007/8 Accounts

2000/1 Accounts

1998/9 Accounts

1999/2000 Accounts in words
Detailed 1999/2000 accounts

1996/7 Accounts in words (plus 10 year summary)
Detailed 96/7 accounts plus 10 year summary

For the record, over the years, City's accounts have been propped up by a succession of big money sales. Also, the 1970s saw City sell off around 7 houses in Dringhouses and other suburbs of York.

Top 5 Sales, subsequent clauses saw income from Greening and Murty increase
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