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All information sourced from public records and press statements. Full sets of accounts are available from the Companies House web site and are available to anyone to download.

The 2014/5 (Worthington / Wilcox) season show a lose of over 361k, income included a 360k donation from JMP / the McGill family, meaning a large increase on losses. Expenditure remained relatively steady but income fell. Net current liabilities jump to over 4m.

See below for more details of individual years' accounts and a summary for the past 20 years.

20 years of accounts summarised

2014/5 Accounts

2013/4 Accounts

2012/3 Accounts

2011/2 Accounts

2009/10 Accounts

2008/9 Accounts

2007/8 Accounts

2000/1 Accounts

1998/9 Accounts

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