2003/4 Season Preview

This article originally appeared in "When Saturday Comes" as part of their season's preview.

Realistically, how will you do?

Having released half a squad who finished mid table and signed up the cream of the released thousand, nothing less than champions will do. As everyone seems to have the same idea, we might have to settle for the playoffs, assuming we sign a decent striker.

Which teams did you like and dislike most last season?

How could we dislike anyone when everyone was so generous in their support of our financial plight. Sunderland (and before them Fulham) stand out, but all the way down the football ladder, clubs and supporters were very generous. As ever, we rarely show dislike, if pushed, I might say Boston and the ex City contingent down there now.

What was the best moment of last season?

When The Trust finally gained control of our club.

What was the worst moment of last season?

The realisation that John Batchelor wasn’t the right answer to Douglas Craig.

What should your clubıs motto be?

The Fans, Some Things Never Change, Never Let You Down.

Who will win the SPL and who will finish bottom? (Just the names will do)

Not too bothered about the SPL, maybe Celtic and Motherwell. Now ask me about Division 3 and without hesitation, I’d say York, Lincoln, Oxford and Northampton to go up. Boston and Carlisle to go down.

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