2002/3 Season Preview

This article originally appeared in "When Saturday Comes" as part of their season's preview.


Q1 Realistically, how will you do

A1: With Mr B&Q as our chairman, everything is possible, anything less than champions a disappointment

Q2 Which teams did you like and dislike the most last season

A2: Were not in the business of disliking teams up here. We particulary liked all the clubs (from Fulham downward) and individuals who offered us help as we struggled to re-finance the club.

Q3 What was the best moment of last season

A3: When our chairman, Douglas Craig, stood up at the AGM and announced he was selling the club

Q4 What as the worst moment of last year

A1: The first day of the season. Wed just lost at home to Rushden and knew we had a long struggle ahead.

Q5 If you could choose a celebrity fan to support your club who would it be

A5: Although hes not yet won over all the supporters, many would argue with Mr B&Q at the helm, one celebrity is enough.

Q6 Who will be promoted and who will go down

Up: (4) Bristol R, Bournemouth, Kidderminster, Hull. Down: (2) Carlisle, Cambridge

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