2001/2 Season Preview

This article originally appeared in "When Saturday Comes" as part of their season's preview.

Q1) Realistically, how will you do?

A1) Even our manager Terry Dolan is only predicting mid table. Its six years since we finished top half. But, historically we get promotion once every 8 - 10 years so we're due again.

Q2) Which teams did you like and dislike most last season

A2) We didn't care much for Leeds United Reserves for using our ground for their home games. Apart from that, no one inspires dislike nowadays.

Q3) What was the best moment of last season?

A3) Either the season's final whistle which put us all out of our misery or a week earlier when Graham Potter's goal direct from a corner made relegation an impossibility.

Q4) What was the worst moment of last season?

A4) Going bottom in February when Exeter beat us 3-0 at home. We took their place as the 92nd club. The only highlight of the game was that it was Carlo Sertori's last appearance for us.

Q5) What would your ideal half time entertainment (i.e. could be a revival of an old one or something completely new)

A5) The early 70s half time tunnel dash. Both sets of supporters would use the fully enclosed 6-foot wide tunnel behind The Pop Stand to change ends. It's a miracle no one came to any harm.

Q6) Who will be promoted from Division 3 and who will go down

A6) Promoted: York, Bristol R, Rushden and, via the play offs, Hull. Relegated: Carlisle


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