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2000/1 Season Preview

This article originally appeared in "When Saturday Comes" as part of their season's preview.

Q1): Realistically how will you do?

A1): As usual, we’ve left our team strengthening late, the results of which will determine our fate. In 3 months, Terry Dolan turned us into a dour, harder to beat side but lacking a prolific goal scorer. Anything more than an upper mid table side capable of reaching the play offs on a good day will be a result.

Q2): Which teams did you like and dislike most last season?

A2): There are no teams we really liked or disliked. But its never nice to aspire to be as good as Darlington and Hartlepool as we did last season.

Q3): What was the best move made by your club last season (e.g. could be a transfer, something off the pitch…)?

A3): The sacking of Neil Thompson after less than a year in charge. Such decisive action was refreshing after the long drawn out decline of Alan Little, the previous manager.

Q4): What was the worst move made by your club last season?

A4): The public squabbling with FACT ("Fans Assisting City Together", formerly "Fans Against Craig’s Tyranny") that showed neither YCFC nor FACT in a good light.

Q5): If you could name part of your stadium (e.g. a stand) after someone who would it be (needn’t be a footballer)?

A5): What, and lose sponsorship income. I believe we’re even thinking of naming the crumbling away end terracing after one of our major sponsors.

Q6): Which teams will go up and down from your division?

A6): Up (4 including play off winners, in no particular order) Chesterfield, Kidderminster, Orient. Plymouth (with hindsight, I'm not sure what happened to the usual pre season optimism). Down (One) Shrewsbury

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