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Debbie Harry

You probably didn't know that Debbie Harry is a big City fan, but witness her single "Denis" which she named after her favourite blond defender, Denis Smith. Read on...

With lyrics like
"Oh Denis doo-be-do, Iím in love with you.
"Denis doo-be-do, Iím in love with you.
"Denis doo-be-do, Iím in love with you.
"Denis Denis, oh with your eyes so blue.
"Denis Denis, Iíve got a crush on you.
"Denis Denis, Iím so in love with you, whoa.

It sound like Debbie had a crush on Denis Smith, or did he really suffer all those broken legs and bones on the pitch, or were they the result of a secret romance with Debbie.

Debbie Harry: The poor man's Bette Bright

Surely the title of an early Blondie album, "Parallel Lifes" (sic) inspired the likes of Neil Thompson and Chris Brass, 2 disappointments as player manager, as well as Booby Saxton and Viv Busby, 2 well respected personalities who failed spectacularly as City managers. It must be written about City Or was it those 2 2012 Wembley wins within a week or the second coming of Gary Mills. The evidence becomes more overwhelming the more you think about it. Some words from "Dreaming" also prompt questions and show great foresight. As City fans, we all dream of greater success and our hard work after the Craig / Batchelor fiasco rescued our club and ensured we didn't have to live off charity.

"I dream dream!
"I had a dream dream!
"I donít want to live on charity.
"Pleasureís real or is it fantasy?
"Reel to reel is living rarity.
"People stop and stare at me, we just walk on by; we just keep on dreaming.
"Dreaming is free.
"Dreaming. dreaming is free.
"Feet feet: walking a two mile.
"Meet meet: meet me at the turnstile.
"I never met him, Iíll never forget him.

And just who was Debbie supposed to meet at the turnstile? Was it Ray Wynn, perhaps Terry Exelby, or maybe one of our above average age supporters, or maybe even a 16 year old. If you were that man, email your webmaster now.

In Rapture?

With Clubcall and other premium rate phone lines in mind, Blondie wrote "Hanging On The Telephone", which was originally meant to be used to promote City's own phone services, like our fund raising initiative, City Talk.

Billy McEwan and the players took a break from training (September 6, 2005) to officially launch the new scheme, which will enable supporters to raise money and also reduce their phone bills by simply switching phone services.

City Talk, powered by Yorkshire based telecommunications provider Charitel. Charitel, works by paying a fixed donation of 5% of your phone bill to York City each month.

If every York City fan who attended the Cambridge home game switched to City Talk., they could raise £33,000 for the club this year. For further details call 0870 232 0000 or visit www.charitytelecom.co.uk

Call Me.

PS With a red dress like that, try telling anyone that Debbie isn't a massive York City supporter.

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