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Name the Year City


Moved to Bootham Crescent


Reached The FA Cup quarter finals for the first time.


Reached The FA Cup semi finals for the only time


Were promoted for the first time


Were relegated for the first time


Appointed Wilf McGuinness as manager


Appointed Denis Smith as manager


City beat Arsenal 1-0


Most recently reached Round 5 of The FA Cup


Made our first (and to date only) trip to Wembley


Numbers Game


How many times have we reached the FA Cup quarter finals


How many away league wins in our 1973/4 promotion season


How many away league wins in our 1954/5 FA Cup semi final season


How many metres above sea level is Bootham Crescent


Which was the first City shirt number to have 2 owners during the 2002/3 season

13 (Beresford and Howarth)

How many points did City win in our record breaking 1984 Championship winning season


How many minutes have we played Liverpool in Round 5 of the FA Cup

390 (90, 90, 90, 120)

What figure was widely quoted as being Steve Agnew's weekly salary during his 3 year City contract


How much did City pay for Keith Walwyn


What was Denis Smith's annual salary when he heft City in 1987


Broken Bones


He was signed from Ayr, a former Manchester United junior, he retired when he failed to overcome a long term injury

John Sharples

Whose testimonial game was a 5-5 draw against "The Happy Wanderers"

Gerry Baker

Which former City keeper broke the pain barrier during Emley’s cup run which took them to a replay against West Ham

Chris Marples

Who was signed from Burnley following a successful trial to demonstrate that he’d overcome previous injury problems, he retired a year later in 2001 through injury

Peter Swan

Which ex England B player and former City captain had his contract terminated in acrimonious circumstances when failing to recover from injury in 2001

Chris Fairclough

Which ex Halifax midfielder had his contract cancelled for medical reasons a few weeks later

Kevin Hulme

Name the former City loan signing, he retired following an injury received whilst playing for Celtic

Steve Murray

Who missed a League Cup game with Manchester United through an injury sustained the previous weekend

Dean Kiely

And name the wide man who missed the same game with a medium term injury.

Paul Stephenson

Whose broken finger in July 2002 left City in a goalkeeping dilemma

Alan Fettis

Not A Lot Of People Know That


Name the current leading manager who was once on a shortlist of one for the Bradford City job, only to be pipped by Terry Dolan and then didn’t even get an interview when he applied for the City job

Martin O’Neill

According to dressing room rumour, which apprentice tried on the boots of Eric Cantona prior to City's League Cup game with Manchester United at Bootham Crescent

Jon Greening

How did K. Dalgleish upset Sir Alex Ferguson in York on a sunny October Saturday afternoon in 2001

Rode Abbajabba to victory in the 4.15 on the Knavesmire. Sir Alex's horse Candleriggs finished 22nd out of 23.

Name Richard Cresswell's room mate when he made his England Under 21 debut.

Jon Greening

Which 1983/4 City player had a dog called Yorkie

Keith Walwyn

Which City keeper from the 1970s won a medal at Wembley in 1986 and was later a physio at clubs including Aston Villa and Derby County

Stuart Walker (as Castleford RL physio)

Which former City keeper had a fanzine named after him at one of his previous clubs

Marlon Beresford

Which of our former players had previously been flung over a car bonnet following a rather acrimonious European game in Italy

John Woodward

Which former City star was a member of the Halifax side that lost their league status in 2002

Steve Bushell

Which club played City in a friendly to mark official switch on of original floodlights in the 1950s


Wayne’s World - Round 1


As a schoolboy, Wayne won European honours with which club.

Sheffield United

Wayne joined City in 1989 after a trial, which other basement club did Wayne have a trial with that season


Which manager signed Wayne for City

John Bird

At the time, in which traditional South Yorkshire industry was Wayne working


Where did he made his full City debut


What shirt number did he wear that day


And who wore the Number 3 shirt

Tom Kelly

Against who did he score a spectacular thunderbolt goal live on Sky


Which of City’s 5 penalties did Wayne convert at Wembley


On October 25, how many candles will Wayne be blowing out


Wayne's World - Name His Teammates


Lance, a striker with a love – hate relationship, depending on whether you ask the fans or a former chairman

Paul Lance Barnes

Clifford, no one’s Number One

Andy Warrington

Lyndon, Wayne’s partner for many seasons

Andy McMillan

Brian, he later played in a Scottish Cup Final

Steve Cooper

Laurence, England Under 15/16/ 17 caps and no a full England international caps

Dean Kiely

Wayne's World Left Back Rivals


When squad numbers were first introduced, he was our first Number 3

Neil Thompson

Signed from Manchester City, sold to Plymouth

Phil Burrows

Had a heart transplant operation after he left City

Alan Ogden

Booby Saxton’s captain

Paul Johnson

Born Singapore and a favourite of Alan Little, equally ineffective in Number 3 shirt as in any other shirt.

Paddy Atkinson

York City + - Pop Quiz


Which footballer appeared singing with two different groups in one edition of Top Of The Pops in 1982.

Steve Archibald (Spurs & Scotland)

With which English league club did Rod Stewart have an unsuccessful trial in the 1960's


Who does Frank Sidebottom support


Who sang lead vocals on the B-side of York City's 1984 single

John Byrne

Who or what connects York City and Manchester City with the 2 Scottish groups The Proclaimers and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

The Reid brothers

When was Back Home a hit for the England World Cup squad


Which group helped England on their 1990 World Cup song

New Order

Which Liverpudlian group once turned down an opportunity to play on TV's The Tube because it would have meant missing a Tranmere fixture.

Half Man Half Biscuit

Who was "Head Over Heels In Love" in the 1970's.

Kevin Keegan

Whose "Perfect Cousin" always beat them at subbuteo.

The Undertones

Which Division 1 club share their name with an early punk rock group.


Which club do both Chas And Dave and Phil Collins support.


Which singing superstar once had a trial with Real Madrid.

Julio Igelisas

Which opera singer had a hit with a theme tune from the 1990 World Cup.


Who had the original hit with Fog On The Tyne, a song that Paul Gascoigne took back into the charts in 1990.


At which club was Elton John once chairman.


Name Mike Oldfield's hit which is also the name of a 2nd division team.


On which Yorkshire ground did The Happy Mondays and The Farm play a summer 1991 concert.


Which Division 4 ground staged a concert featuring some of the Midlands top pop groups a few weeks later.


What's the connection between this pop quiz and York City

It appeared in a 1992 City programme

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