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Roy Keane for York?

21/Jan/2006 (Grays) - Chris Forth

Roy Keane for York? It might sound bit daft at first but it nearly came true. Yorkcitysouth can now exclusively reveal just how close City came to signing Roy Keane before he plumped for the delights of Glasgow Celtic. It sounds daft at first thought, but just think about it and consider the evidence for yourself.

A pay off from Old Trafford meant he wasn't short of money and would have been amenable to something short of the money he has been used to at Old Trafford. As a bonus, he'd only be hit for a few hundred pounds next time he's fined 2 weeks wages, rather than the 200 grand elsewhere. We're a club with a long standing and successful youth policy, just like Manchester United.

Having first been impressed with the sturdy ham and pickle rolls that formed the player's buffet after the 1995 Coca Cola cup tie between the teams, Roy has admired York from afar ever since. Admiration that was strengthened by the stream of good young players making the move from to Old Trafford at the time (Jon Greening and Nick Culkin included) whilst not forgetting the ties on the coaching side which have included Steve McClaren, Ricky Sbragia and Barry Tait, the former York youth player and Old Trafford youth coach.

Whilst many remember Roy Keane's abrupt exit from the 2002 World Cup, Roy's abiding memory of the tournament was provided by his own spy in the camp. He reported at the first team meeting after Roy's departure, Dean Kiely, a rather sheepish reserve keeper, broke the ice when he gingerly put his hand up to volunteer to be the team's new midfield dynamo. Whilst Mick McCarthy declined that offer, Roy's spy reported back to him, impressing upon him the confidence of the unassuming boy who first made his name at York.

If Roy had come, he would not have been upset by the diamond earrings and other bling in our dressing room and car park. At the last count, there was none. Everyone is fully committed and playing for a new contract, there's no easy money to be had at York.

Working under Billy McEwan, another dour Scot with high standards, Roy would have felt like he never left Old Trafford, especially when he's at our Wiggington Road training complex, officially opened (and admired) by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. The rugged surface would have given his injury prone body a thorough work out.

With Emmanuel Panther possibly not operating at top form following his recent injury problems, I'm sure Billy could have even found an immediate place in the team for Roy. Injury concerns over Mark Hotte and Nathan Peat might have even meant the captaincy was there for Roy's asking. With our early exit from The FA Cup and no European travel, our fixture list would not have proved too onerous for Roy, just a game a week, plenty of time to recover between matches. And if he did miss the cut and thrust of the cup, there would have been a North Riding Senior Cup semi final to look forward to.

Whilst a position with City might not have seemed to be the most obvious next step. It had its advantages. The size and dynamism of the club would have allowed Roy to experience a whole host of roles in a short period of time that would help to fast track him into a manager's seat. Head Coach, Commercial Manager, Community Officer, Secretary, Chief Bottle Washer, Accountant, Bus Driver, Electrician, Young Player Welfare Officer, Terrace Sweeper, Stadium Catering Manager and many more, there's only one of each at City which would have allowed Roy immediate hands on experience of each role.

Any fears that Roy might have had about dropping into the Conference (and obscurity) would have been laid to rest as we've already been selected for 2 televised games this season and we're just halfway through the season. Well placed in the table, we could have offered Roy realistic hopes of another championship medal this season. Certainly he would have had no problems with YCTV, our own in house TV station. He could have told them whatever he wanted and it would never have got outside the studio. And with Radio York's coverage of City fluctuating between AM and FM, no one is ever sure who said what when on the radio. Whilst people might argue that he was no longer head and shoulders above the best at Old Trafford on his departure, then that status would be swiftly restored at The Kit Kat Crescent stadium.

Roy Keane for York? It nearly happened, with Real Madrid dithering and his stated aim of not having to oppose his former Old Trafford teammates, he was about to put pen to paper at Kit Kat Crescent when Ian Tyssen tried to sell him a Sir Alex Ferguson signed DVD of our 3-0 win over Manchester United. Roy had completely forgotten that we might meet in the cup and got on the first train to Glasgow.

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xxxxx xxxxxx xx JAN 24 BUY TO LET AT LEYTON ORIENT by Chris Forth Postie dropped a thick glossy brochure on my doormat this morning for East London's latest buy to let bonanza. It seems that Leyton Orient are building a block of flats behind each of the four corner flags at their Brisbane Road stadium. The price list suggests that the higher stories are more expensive, reflecting the less likelihood of having their windows put through by stray shots and being further from the inaction. The flats with a view over the pitch are cheaper than those with no view of the inaction. The only other surprise is that they haven't plans to build on the adjacent vacant site that doubles as the home team's attacking penalty area. One block is assigned as affordable housing, yes it still exists in London, presumably with sky high rents in London, it works out cheaper for Orient to house their youth players at the ground in club property. But, as you can probably imagine if you've ever been to see City down there, there are no luxury roof top penthouse apartments. Even so, with a total sale price of about 20 million, its nice little earner for Barry Hearn and the boys. I cast my vote, on several occasions, to have one block named "Derrick Downing Court" in honour of our (and their) left winger of the 1970s but my attempts at vote rigging provided unsuccessful. However, I do intend to buy a couple of flats so that I can hang our Yorkcitysouth flag out of the window next time we play them. In fact, I'll hang it out at every Orient home game just to keep our flag flying. Arsenal are doing something similar with Highbury, but offering an incentive of a free season ticket with every flat. No such incentives at Orient, which I suspect is a clever little marketing ploy. This article originally appeared on Billy Plutch's blog on our web site, www.yorkcitysouth.co.uk. Check it out for lots more good stuff. Next Social Evening - 9 February 2006 Please check our website for details of our next social evening planned for THURSDAY 9 FEBRUARY 2006 from 7.45 pm. We meet at THE OLD DOCTOR BUTLER'S HEAD [in the upstairs function room], 2 Masons Avenue, London EC2 5BT. More information Please check our website or contact Alastair Smith [Chair] at or telephone 01903 813557 for more information. xxxx xx xxx Kit Kat Crescent Southern Connections