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Oh No, Not Again!

06/Nov/2004 (Tamworth) - David Ward

Played three, won none - that was our not too brilliant record when live on Sky going into the match at Morecambe last month. However, these matches had all been played here at the Crescent, maybe a change of scenery would lead to a more successful outcome. We should have known better!

Over 40 of the York City South members gathered at the Elusive Camel near Waterloo Station (121 Lower Marsh, London SE1) to watch the game. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I was sunning myself in Majorca! Nevertheless, I did manage to get a waiter to put the match on in the hotel bar. So there my fiancťe and I sat, both clad in our City shirts as the bar steadily emptied. The elderly clientele werenít too amused that their daily dose of EastEnders had been cut short!

It didnít take long for things to take a turn for the worst as once again an individual error proved costly. 11 minutes gone and already itís looking like an uphill battle. As our faces became longer, guests stopped on their way to the bar to see what was happening on the big screen. "Mor, Yor?" they asked, "Whoís playing?", "Morecambe and York", we replied. "Oh", they mumbled under their breath as they made an even swifter beeline for the next glass of sangria.

Stockdaleís superb penalty save and Levís brilliant goal apart, it turned out to be another very disappointing evening, no lack of effort, but just no cutting edge in the final third. However the pain of losing yet again was somewhat lessened by the knowledge that the blazing sun would be out tomorrow and we could carry on with the holidayís real task of relaxing.

So the next time City are invited to play on Sky, maybe they should think twice before accepting, but you never know. What is it they say? Fifth time lucky? Letís hope so!


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